The Many Faces of Mary
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WATERCOLORS, 11" X 14", & PRAYERS, 1997-98

The Black Madonna: Rosa Munde, Res Miranda (spotless rose, most admirable)

"Mystical Rose, your path was the perfect love of the Mother, scent my mind with this perfume."

Our Lady: Stella Maris, Semper Clara (star of the sea, ever-bright)

"Ocean of Wisdom, let me rest in your womb and drink the Eucharistic feast."

Our Lady of San Francisco

"Hail Mary, full of grace, city life is full of distractions, forgive me for I have not loved you with my whole heart."

Our Lady: Misteruim Mirabile (wondrous mystery)

"Radiant Lioness, mother of strength, protect and nurture me as your womb, the Sun, contained."

Queen of Heaven: Sancta Dei Genitrix (mother and child enthroned)

"Heaven's Rose, your garden earth's travail, sorrow and bliss in the knowing, know me fully."

Theotokos: Mother of God (the God bearer)

"Mary born of earth and sky, cradle all sentient beings, suckle the earth, the sun, the moon and the Milky Way with your compassionate breasts."

An Irish Mary: Our Lady for Girls in all Seasons

"Blessed Mother save the girl babies, the girl child, the girls becoming women, women, moms and grandmothers from the domination and silencing by the world's consensus reality, bless them they are the hope of the earth and your daughters."

Mary Heals

"Beloved Mother, Mystical Rose, pour your healing nectar like warm rain into our barren hearts."

The Immaculate Conception

"Mary come close, mysterious cloud, mirror of glory shape my mind, mother of wind disperse my fears."

The Annunciation (Mary in the Orans position of prayer receives Christ)

"Mary pregnant with Christ, leap for joy inside of me, hearts melding, one taste."

The Mater Dolorosa: Pieta (sorrowful mother)

"Mourning Mother of the crucified Redeemer, your heart holds life and death's cycle, circle mine forever."

The Assumption of Mary: Maria Virgo Assumption

"In Christ's keeping, his mother's soul and body, Mary hold me close, my cells on fire with wonder, light to light, swallow me whole."

WATERCOLORS, 40" X 60 ", 1997-98

"Mary, Why Are You Crying?"

Mary's Garden


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